<div class="nl-intro-box"> <p class="caption ownCap"><span class="margemid">Kunstmuseen Krefeld, Kaiser Wilhelm Museum</span><br>BEUYS UND DUCHAMP<br>ARTISTS OF THE FUTURE <br>8 October 2021 until 16 January 2022</p> <p class="container"><strong>Beuys 2021 </strong><br>The last of the exhibitions supported by loans from the Viehof Collection opens in October. "Beuys and Duchamp - Artists of the Future" is the title under which 13 works from our collection, among others, will be on display. For the first time, this exhibition will juxtapose the work of Joseph Beuys with the oeuvre of Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968) on a large scale. Beuys referred to the work of his "challenger" Duchamp on several occasions, as evidenced not least by the action "The silence of Marcel Duchamp is overrated" from 1964. The references and connections between the artists, however, go much deeper and, despite all the differences in the artistic solutions, touch on a multitude of themes and aspects. The view will not be purely retrospective, but will shed new light on the future-oriented potential of the radical, interdisciplinary strategies of both artists from today's perspective. It is precisely in the dialogue between the two protagonists that fundamental questions arise about the role of art in everyday life and society.</p> </div>