Schmitten, Andreas Der Anderen sich selbst, tragend, 2021
Stainless steel, glass, wood, fabric, aluminum, lacquer 125,5 x 100,7 x 15 cm © The artist Courtesy: Schönewald Düsseldorf & the artist Photo: Andreas Fechner

About the work

In his most recent sculptures, the artist deals with human themes such as closeness, interaction and physicality. Hands join together to form a protective shell that seems to capture the quintessence of life. Death and birth go hand in hand, form a cycle and are inconceivable without each other. It is precisely through the reduction of color and form that the work radiates great calm and solidarity. The work looks at life in an unspectacular, sober and unembellished way and at the same time has an empathetic and calming effect.

About the artist

Andreas Schmitten

born 1980 in Moenchengladbach
lives and works in Neuss

Andreas Schmitten began his studies at the Düsseldorf Art Academy in 2006, graduating in 2012 as a master student of Georg Herold. Schmitten's work moves between sculpture, large-scale complex installations and drawings. His artistic language is characterized by the combination of seemingly primeval symbolism and new, imaginative pictorial inventions that merge into an opulent fantasy world.