Jankowski, Christian Rooftop Routine, 2008
video, 3.40 minutes, 16:9, 5 hulahoop tires © Christian Jankowski Courtesy: courtesy CFA & the artist Photo: Henning Rogge

About the work

"Rooftop Routine by Christian Jankowski is actually a documentary of a performance the artist staged in New York City in 2008, inviting visitors to a rooftop terrace in Chinatown. Through his direction and imagery, which centers on a Chinese neighbor explaining the use of the hulahoop hoop, Jankowski uses perfect editing to achieve an entertainingly light mood that is common to many good commercial music videos. In art criticism, Jankowski's perfect appropriation of mass media standards also repeatedly raises questions about the art nature of his videos."

Georg Elben, Musikvideo in der Kunst, Aufsatz in: The Art of Pop Video. Katalog der Ausstellung im Museum für angewandte Kunst, Distanz, 2011, S. 204

About the artist

born 1968 in Göttingen
lives and works in Berlin

Christian Jankowski studied at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg. In his conceptual and medial works he uses the genres of film, video, photography and performance, but also painting, sculpture and installation. The main medium in his performative works is the interpersonal relationship and communication.