Gensheimer, Christine unheimlich 3, 2006
collage animation (4:32 min), loop, sound, colour © Christine Gensheimer Photo: video still

About the work

“Christine Gensheimer’s movies take place in a sphere of time- and placelessness. Animated photo cuts lead a life in which everything is possible. People, furniture, objects, textures, surfaces in the print quality of a mail order catalogue are always metaphors in this flat world. Anything can turn into anything, enlarge, diminish, cross times and places – and most importantly can disappear through the cracks of the film images forever.”

Eva Schmidt, in: Was tun? Was geschieht? Zeitgenössische Kunst aus der Sammlung Rheingold, Publisher: Sammlung Rheingold, Fey Media, 2010, p.12


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About the artist

Christine Gensheimer
born 1976 in Frankfurt am Main
lives and works in Leipzig

Christine Gensheimer studied drawing and illustration in Bielefeld. She lives and works as an independent artist and filmmaker in Leipzig.

“Christine Gensheimer documents everyday situations and domestic observations in her spontaneous and intimate pencil and crayon drawings, water colours, painted-over polaroids and almost surreal collages. Captured in the style of diary drawings, the small scenes of human encounters appear to be exaggerated like caricatures and to reflect the inner state of the depicted. Short sentences and words, spoken like a child, comment on the melancholic imagery in a humoristic and ironic way. In cartoon-like short films Gensheimer animates her collection of ideas – the artist draws from her own illustrations and collected newspaper cut-outs- through movement and sound. The narrative of her hand drawn movies and animated collages develops out of the independent existence of objects and figures that overlap and converge in bizarre metamorphosis.”

Compilation IV. Publisher: Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Dumont, 2009, p.46


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