Kathryn, Andrews, Monica and Matisse, 2013
stainless steel, paint and silkscreen 264,8 x 137,2 x 109,2 cm Courtesy: David Kordanski Gallery & the artist Photo: Archive Viehof Collection

About the work

In her works such as "Monica and Matisse", Andrews mixes iconic forms of Pop Art with minimalist, reduced, carefully designed structures, which are characterised by a high presence of the material - such as highly polished metal. The viewers are reflected in them, making the act of looking inevitably part of the work.

About the artist

born 1973 in Mobile, Alabama - USA
lives and works in Los Angeles - USA

After receiving her BFA from Duke University, Durham, USA in 1995, Andrews went on to study at the Art Center College of Design in Passadena, from which she graduated in 2003.

The conceptual artist's oeuvre is extensive and includes installation, sculpture, printmaking and performance. In her works, she has developed a language all her own from a mixture of readymades, symbolically powerful props, pop-culture-influenced imagery and minimalist forms. Andrew's exhibitions act like a stage set into which visitors enter, with which they interact and which challenges them to see critically.