Meuser Albanische Garderobe, 2005
Stahl, Ölfarbe Kasten: 203 x 33 x 10 cm / Höhe in installiertem Zustand gesamt mit Stab: ca. 70 cm Courtesy: Galerie Meyer Riegger & the artist Photo: Archiv Sammlung Viehof

About the work

"For almost thirty years, hardly anything has changed in the abstract-constructive formal vocabulary of the iron sculptures and spatial installations. Why should it? But isn't this the reassurance of the Meuser brand. Certainly, certain playful elements of the early 1980s, such as freely formed utensils, have become rarer. They have been reduced to the level of necessity. But the principles have remained the same. The object found in the junkyard on the wall and in front of the wall, or both together in connection with certain cut and welded parts. And then again in detail: the object on the support like a sculpture on the plinth, the cup on the table, as it were."

Source reference: Veit Loers - Von Eisen zu Unterhosen, from: MEUSER, Die Frau reitet und das Pferd geht zu Fuß, 2008, ed. by Ulrike Groos, Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Snoeck Verlag, S. 27 (own translation)

About the artist

born 1947 in Essen 
lives und works in Düsseldorf 

Meuser, who keeps his civil surname strictly secret, is a sculptor and object artist whose sculptures are assembled from found objects. From 1968 to 1975, Meuser studied philosophy, art science and art history under Joseph Beuys and Erwin Heerich at the Düsseldorf State Academy of Art. Since 1992 he has held a professorship at the Düsseldorf Art Academy.