Cantor, Mircea Shadow for a while, 2007
Video Installation 2 minutes, 16 mm, shown in a Loop, Edition of 5 © Mircea Cantor Courtesy: Courtesy Mircea Cantor & Yvon Lambert Photo: Archive Viehof Collection

About the work

In his 16mm black-and-white film "Shadow for a While," which is played back on a historical player with a looper, the outlines of a burning flag can be seen, which is finally consumed entirely by fire. The loud whirring of the projector intensifies the oppressive feeling of entropy and lost time.


About the artist

born1977 in Oradea - Romania
lives and works mainly in Paris - France 

Having grown up in the communist era in Eastern Europe, Mircea Cantor incorporates the memories of that time into his art. He himself experienced the change from communism to a world of a consumer society oriented towards the West. In his multifaceted work he thematizes, questions and reflects on different cultural values, social structures as well as tradition and history with vivid pictorial metaphors. His artworks often incorporate finished objects. In 2011 he received the coveted Prix Marcel Duchamp.